Do students wear school uniforms?

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Do students wear school uniforms? Yes, we have a school uniform dress code.

DRESS CODE (2018-19)

  • Students may wear navy or khaki pants, skirts, shorts, or jumpers in cotton twill or polyester-cotton blend. Corduroy material is acceptable. Jean or denim material is not acceptable. Pants, skirts, shorts and jumpers must be solid with no stripes or two tones. Leggings and tights may be worn under a skirt of appropriate length. It is not acceptable to wear leggings or tights as pants.

  • Skirts, shorts or jumpers must be longer than your child’s fingertips when their hands are down by their side. This will be enforced at all grade levels. Because children are very active during the school day, please make sure students wearing skirts have on shorts underneath.

  • Jackets may not be worn in the building. Elementary students must place jackets on a coat hook, on the back of their chairs or in book bags.

  • Sleeves and pant legs are not to be rolled up. Each pant leg should be the same length & color.

  • Any shade of solid blue, white, yellow/gold, grey shirts that have collars and sleeves may be worn. Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are also acceptable. Tank tops and t-shirts are not allowed as outer garments. Plain solid light blue, navy, yellow, gray, or white t-shirts or tank tops may be worn under collared shirts if they are free of writing and are the appropriate color. Undergarment sleeves may be worn but must be dress code colors. Outer garments must be buttoned. Shirts must be tucked in and not expose the midsection. Shirts must remain tucked in when a student raises their arms above their head. If there is more than one button on the shirt, it must be buttoned at all times. Shirts must be solid with no stripes or two tones. Clothing should not have piping or stripes of different colors.

  • Logos, which are smaller in size than a quarter, will be allowed.

  • Solid white, yellow, navy, light blue, or grey sweaters, sweatshirts, or vests may also be worn with a collared shirt underneath. Only VW Eagles School hoodies are allowed with collar shirt underneath. Sweatshirts or fleece pullovers with writing are not allowed. These must be solid with no stripes or two tones. They may have a VW Eagles logo.

  • Students must wear tennis shoes or sandals with strap around the heel. No high heels or wedges. Students may not wear athletic cleats, beach shoes, or retractable roller blades.

  • Head coverings, bandanas, hats, hoods and sunglasses are not allowed at school. Also, students may not wear colored hair extensions, colored hair spray or have hair that is an unnatural color and/or is distracting. Spikes and mohawks are not permitted).

  • Clothing must be clean and in good repair. Clothes with holes are not acceptable. The above guidelines are not all-inclusive. The school administration reserves the right to determine whether the student's attire is within the limits of decency and modesty and/or meets the approved dress code policy. The principal may allow exceptions for school-wide programs or special classroom activities. Students choosing not to wear the approved dress code attire will be disciplined within regulations of the District Discipline Policy

The teachers and/or the principal(s) will administer consequences for policy infractions by notifying the parent and documenting the infraction. The student may also be required to:

  • Change into clothing that may be provided by the school

  • Have other clothing brought to school

  • Parent contacted to have student picked up

  • Remove the accessory

  • Report to recovery room until dress code regulations have been achieved

  • Will be subject to appropriate discipline if infractions continue

Dress Code Violation for item that cannot be removed:

    • Send to main office with appropriate dress code letter that indicates infraction for office to call home.

    • Parent can bring clothes and/or clothes made available through clothes closet if parent opts not to bring in.

    • Teacher will send infraction sheet home with student.

    • Third infraction would result in conference with Admin.

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